What, a disclaimer?  Yes.  A disclaimer.  I do not make a living from writing dirty stories; rather I just do it in the hope that I can stir the imagination of some regular people who are turned on by sexy stories and intimate thoughts.  So, on this basis, I do not want my ass suing to kingdom-come.  So, I humbly draw your attention to the grovelling attempt to keep myself out of trouble below.


Images/Photographs: All images that I am using on the blog have been found online and where I can source or credit the amazing artists or photographers I will always endeavour to do so.  However, if I do not know what or who the source, rather than not use something that has clearly caught my eye, I will clearly state that the creator is unknown.  If you know who the creator/copy write holder is, please let me know so I can credit accordingly (or take down the image if requested).